Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Umpqua Fall Chinook

Fall chinook is in full swing on the Umpqua river.  Fishing has been tougher than the last couple of years.  Hopefully as our tides become bigger the fish will come.  I have been fishing a new set of Rainshadow BP1266's.  Great troll rod.  Here is a nice fish Mikey from California caught today.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Winter Steelhead

Well steelhead fishing on the Umpqua has been the best I have ever seen this season.  We have a bunch of fish and really low water conditions.  I bought a new sled for fishing the shallow water and summertime water.  The new boat has proved to be a great tool for helping to get to the fish.

Fall Salmon

Fall salmon starts in August, and it turned out to be a great season.  Fishing on both the Umpqua and Siuslaw were great.  Generally we had very successful trip.  The weather got a little nasty at the end of September with record rainfall.  However we were able to start fishing shortly after the storm.  Next year looks to be a great year as well.

Summer bass.

Summer smallmouth bass season is something I have always overlooked because of the five weeks I would spend in Astoria during late May and June.  Now with sturgeon retention coming to an end bass and trout during the summer months will take over my time on the water.  These trips are great for kids or family outings.  The weather is warm, and it is a great time to take in the scenery while enjoying summertime temperatures.

Sorry for the delay.

Here are some sturgeon pictures from the 2013 season in Astoria.  I think this was the last year we will be able to retain sturgeon for harvest.  It was great while it lasted.  Now we are going to be focusing on the catch and release fishery.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Here are a few of the pictures from the season.  I started Fall salmon trolling August 14th and went through October 29.  I had a great time this year.  Fall is a great time of year.  The weather was great this year allowing to spend time on the Jetty which I grew to love.  The big fish was 39lbs caught by Mark in the above picture.

Summer fishing.

Summer fishing was pretty relaxed this year.  I only spent a few days on the Umpqua for smallmouth.  The majority of my days were spent on the McKenzie fishing for trout.  It is nice only fishing 45 minutes from home.